[10/10/13 - 07:00 AM]
Emmanuelle Vaugier and Richard Ruccolo Star in the LMN Original Movie "Clara's Deadly Secret"
Jonathan Potts, Eva Link and Ella Ballentine also star in the original thriller, which premieres on Friday, October 25 at 8:00/7:00c.

[12/18/12 - 10:15 AM]
Hallmark Channel's "12 New Movies of Christmas" Bring Holiday Cheer to More Than 21.1 Million Unduplicated Viewers
The Hallmark Channel spins the numbers for Saturday, December 15.

[10/16/12 - 06:09 PM]
Delivering "The Heart of Christmas," Hallmark Channel Unveils Its Most Anticipated Schedule of the Year
The network's 12 movie slate kicks off with "Christmas Song" on Saturday, November 3.

[09/24/12 - 08:14 PM]
Hallmark Channel Delivers a Dozen Ways to Have a Merry Christmas
Upcoming titles include "Christmas Song," "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" and "The Wishing Tree."

[08/02/12 - 12:07 PM]
Casper Van Dien and Rachel Wilson Star in "Christmas Baby," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere Holiday 2012
They play a pair of feuding colleagues who are thrown together after their siblings fall in love.

telefilm/mini-series in the can
(from Hallmark's press release, October 2012) Even lawyers deserve to have a Merry Christmas. We never really think about that fact, but perhaps we should. And fortunately, there is a new holiday movie that's come along to help us all out with that process. "Baby's First Christmas" is the title, and it's a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere that lands in America's living rooms on Saturday, December 15 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). The film stars Casper Van Dien ("Silver") and Rachel Wilson ("Saw III") as Kyle Lockwood and Jenna Ford, respectively. Now Kyle and Jenna are a couple of lawyers, and they work at a prestigious law firm together. But the similarities pretty much end there. Kyle is on the conservative side and likes his designer duds and fancy labels. Jenna is more the liberal type consumed with issues like global warming. Not surprisingly, they pretty much can't stand the sight of one another. But they have no choice but to log a lot of time in each other's company when their siblings fall in love and have a baby. It doesn't make Kyle and Jenna like each other any more than they did before. But they're kind of stuck. And it's magnified when they learn that the lovebird siblings are having financial problems as the holidays approach. The sibs enter a "Christmas Baby Contest" radio promotion that, if they win, would net them $25,000. The money would save their house, their Christmas, and their future. Now Kyle and Jenna need to help make sure that happens. And in the meantime, against all odds, feelings start to develop between these polar opposites. Talk about your Christmas miracles. There are a lot of things at stake as "Baby's First Christmas" winds to a chaotic peak that you won't want to miss.
· Casper Van Dien as Kyle Lockwood
· Natalie Lisinka as Trisha
· Noah Cappe as Jim
· Rachel Wilson as Jenna Ford
· David Perlmutter as EP
· Jonathan Wright as DIR
· Lewis Chesler as EP
· Marek Posival as PROD
· Rob Vaughn as EP
· Rob Vaughn as WRTR
· mow
· Chesler-Pealmutter Productions