[11/11/13 - 05:07 AM]
Winter Wedding Bells Ring When Marilu Henner Stars with Brooke D'orsay and Wes Brown in "June in January," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, January 11
In the film, D'Orsay plays a newly engaged bride whose dream wedding is threatened by her scheming future mother-in-law, played by Henner.

[11/28/12 - 11:57 AM]
Hallmark Channel's Holiday Streak Continues to Build with #1 Movie of the Day for 4th Consecutive Week
The Hallmark Channel spins the numbers for the week of November 19-25.

[10/16/12 - 06:09 PM]
Delivering "The Heart of Christmas," Hallmark Channel Unveils Its Most Anticipated Schedule of the Year
The network's 12 movie slate kicks off with "Christmas Song" on Saturday, November 3.

[09/24/12 - 08:14 PM]
Hallmark Channel Delivers a Dozen Ways to Have a Merry Christmas
Upcoming titles include "Christmas Song," "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" and "The Wishing Tree."

[08/02/12 - 12:10 PM]
Joey Lawrence, Emily Hampshire and Marilu Henner Star in "Hitched for the Holidays," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere Holiday 2012
Paula Shaw, Linda Darlow, Serge Houde and L. Harvey Gold co-star in the romantic comedy.

[03/14/12 - 11:11 AM]
The Nation's Leading Producer of Movies Made-for-Television, Hallmark Channel, Announces Q4 2012-Q3 2013 Original Movie Lineup
"Original movies pegged to holidays have distinguished Hallmark Channel from every other network in the cable TV universe," said Michelle Vicary.

telefilm/mini-series in the can
(from Hallmark's press release, October 2012) Christmas. Hanukkah. The celebrations are as different as night and... well, eight nights. Generally, if you celebrate one, you probably don't celebrate the other. But what if you're a Catholic guy and your girlfriend is Jewish? Or, taking it even a step farther, what if you're Catholic, your gal is Jewish, and you're only pretending to be in a relationship for the sake of your families? That is the premise of "Hitched for the Holidays," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere on Sunday, November 25 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). The film stars Joey Lawrence ("Melissa and Joey") as a commitment-phobe named Joey Marino. Joey breaks up with his girlfriend just before Thanksgiving, and now his opinionated Italian family is giving him endless grief about his inability to stay in a relationship. Then his grandmother (Paula Shaw) shares her dying wish: that he find love and happiness, and fast! Inspired, he goes online and locates Julie (Emily Hampshire), another single New Yorker with a meddling Jewish mama (the great Marilu Henner of "Taxi" fame) who has pressured her to find a guy - any guy. The opposite of a love match is instantly forged. Rob and Julie agree to pose as a couple during the holidays to get their families off their backs. The problem is, they each also have to pretend to be the other's religion and comfortable with the other's holiday traditions. Whoops. This charade is tougher to pull off than either of them anticipated. Oh yeah, there is also one more thing neither Rob nor Julie planned on: they're falling for each other for real. These fake relationships can be so problematical. "Hitched for the Holidays" turns into a fun holiday film that pertinently illustrates how underneath it all, no matter what we celebrate, we're really the same.
· Emily Hampshire as Julie
· Joey Lawrence as Rob Marino
· L. Harvey Gold
· Linda Darlow
· Marilu Henner
· Paula Shaw
· Serge Houde
· Allen Lewis as EP
· Gary Goldstein as WRTR
· Harvey Kahn as PROD
· Michael M. Scott as EP/DIR
· Michael Moran as EP
· mow
· Hitching Road Productions