[tuesday, march 03, 2020]    
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12:00 AM WGN carter: harley wanted to say bonspiel (#207)
3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: taylor tomlinson: quarter-life crisis
[special presentation]
8:00 PM ABC abc news special: super tuesday: your voice your vote 2020
[three-hour special presentation]
  NBC ellen's game of games: do you believe in life after suds
  FOX resident, the: reverse cinderella (RES-316)
9:00 PM USA biggest loser, the: tba (#1806)
  CBS cbs news special: cbs news election special super tuesday: high stakes
[two-hour special presentation]
  FOOD chopped: eyes on the prize (#4402)
  HISTORY curse of oak island, the: surely templar (#715)
  FOX empire: can't truss 'em (EMP-611)
[6th season spring premiere]
  OWN haves and the have nots, the: boom boom bang (#709)
  NGC life below zero: port protection: tba (#103)
  ID murder comes home: he made me do it (#106)
[1st season finale]
  POP schitt's creek: tba (#609)
  HGTV unsellable houses: tba
10:00 PM OWN cherish the day: analysis (#105)
  PARAMOUNT ink master: tba
  COOKING man v food: fargo, north dakota (#423)
  DISCOVERY master distiller: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  NBC nbc news special: 2020 super tuesday coverage (wt)
[one-hour special presentation]
  CNBC profit, the: an inside look - 240 sweets (#024)
  HISTORY project blue book: curse of the skinwalker (#207)
  ID reasonable doubt: when the gun went off (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
10:30 PM TBS miracle workers: music festival (#206)
11:00 PM HGTV beach hunters: ocean state forever home (#702)
  TBS conan: tba
  COMEDY daily show with trevor noah, the: tba
11:30 PM HGTV beach hunters: beachfront search in puget sound (#704)
  COMEDY lights out with david spade: tba
  E! nightly pop: tba

  [march 2020]