[02/26/09 - 12:52 PM]
BBC America Co-Produces Powerful War Drama, Occupation and Acquires Apprentice Uk
"Occupation" is due this fall while "Apprentice UK" will roll out in the spring.

[01/26/09 - 01:49 PM]
TBS Gets in Gear with Gm for New Microseries My Manny
The microseries, which stars Elise Neal, Alana Ubach and Sharif Atkins will air within specialized commercial breaks during "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

[05/20/08 - 03:02 PM]
Steven Moffat to Be Doctor Who Lead Writer and Executive Producer
Moffat penned the show's heralded "Blink" episode, for which he earned a BAFTA Writer Award.

[12/13/07 - 05:47 PM]
BBC America Scores Three Golden Globe Nominations
"BBC AMERICA's three Golden Globe nominations are a testament to the quality and creativity of television coming out of the UK," said Garth Ancier, President, BBC Worldwide America.

[12/13/07 - 05:30 AM]
Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2008 Golden Globe Awards for the Year Ended December 31, 2007 Nominations Release Nominations Press Release
HBO leads all networks with 18 nominations while FX's "Damages" tops all series with four nods.

[07/31/07 - 06:00 PM]
All New Programs for September
BBC America details its September programming highlights.

[04/05/07 - 12:05 PM]
BBC America Undergoes Radical Makeover for 2007 Upfront
New two-hour nightly blocks include "Murder Mondays," "Tuesday Nitro," "Wicked Wednesday," "Big Thursday," "Crime Scene Friday," "Supernatural Saturday" and "Adventure Sunday."

8/4/07 - 8/25/07
canceled/ended (2006-2007 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (6 episodes)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from BBC America's web site) Jekyll, described by writer Steven Moffat (Coupling, Doctor Who), as "somewhere between a modern horror story and The Odd Couple," is set in the present day and stars James Nesbitt in the title role. Dr. Jekyll is a contemporary man with an ancient curse of Mr. Hyde. But he's done a deal with his own devil - a body share - and keeps his dark side in check with the very latest surveillance hardware. Just barely keeping one step ahead of his alter-ego, Jekyll has managed to keep his wife and two kids a secret from the vicious Hyde. But what neither of them knows is that an organization with limitless wealth and power is monitoring their every move. Creator Steven Moffat explains how he updated the classic tale: "There's potential to go in so many different directions with the tale - it's such a rich and strong idea - so here we go again! Another Jekyll and Hyde! The doctor and his dark side are back! "What's new this time? Everything! Literally, actually new. For the first time the setting is modern day - no fog, no cobblestones, we're in London 2007. Dr. Tom Jackman is a new man with an old problem. If this story speaks to everyone with a dark side (everyone), why set it back then? Why not make it here and now? Why not make it a modern man in modern London? Why not have a helicopter in episode four? "The story of Jekyll and Hyde was a shocking idea when it came out in 1886, and it wasn't a period piece. It was set in the modern day and was shocking in that this respectable man had this terrible dark side. Instead of a tale of naughty Victorian hypocrisy in London of long ago, why not make it about all the horrors slinking around the dark side of your mind right now?"
· Denis Lawson as Peter Syme
· Gina Bellman as Claire Jackman
· James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman
· Meera Syal as Miranda Calender
· Michelle Ryan as Katherine Reimer
· Paterson Joseph as Benjamin Lennox
· Jeffrey Taylor as CRTR
· drama
· no information is available