[monday, march 04, 2013]    
7:45 PM CARTOON adventure time with finn and jake: you made me! (#1015-099)
8:00 PM LIFETIME bible, the: in the beginning/exodus (#101/102)
  CBS how i met your mother: the pre-nup (#8ALH02)
  HGTV love it or list it: a hasty decision (HLILI-306H)
  H2 modern marvels: alaskan fishing
8:15 PM CARTOON regular show: one pull up (#410)
8:45 PM CARTOON annoying orange: trans-fruit-bots (#26)
9:00 PM CBS 2 broke girls: and the pearl necklace (#201)
  BIO bio special: crime special: blood brothers: the derek and alex king case
  A&E gangsters: america's most evil: lethal beauties: beltran, henao & garcia (#109)
  DIY kitchen crashers: sophisticated new england cottage kitchen (DKCR-307H)
  H2 modern marvels: alaska
  ID scorned: love kills: slave to love (#204)
  TLC undercover boss: directv (#203)
9:30 PM CBS mike & molly: mike likes cake (#303)
10:00 PM A&E beyond scared straight: western tidewater, va (#32/310)
  CBS hawaii five-0: olelo ho'opa'i make (death sentence) (#313)
  H2 modern marvels: tuna
10:01 PM ABC castle: probable cause (#505)
11:00 PM DIY house crashers: wine lover's kitchen (DHCR-604H)

  [march 2013]