[saturday, march 09, 2013]    
12:00 AM TBS are we there yet?: bigg box klub episode, the (#89/343)
12:30 AM TBS are we there yet?: long con episode, the (#88/342)
9:00 AM TBS are we there yet?: insignificant anniversary episode, the (#87/341)
8:00 PM HGTV love it or list it: standing tall (HLILI-207H)
  ABC once upon a time: the queen is dead (#215)
  CBS person of interest: identity crisis (#2J6218)
8:30 PM FOX cops: busted #2 (CP-2504)
  NICK marvin marvin: marvin and the cool kids (#107)
9:00 PM ABC 20/20: best in tv: the greatest tv shows of our time
  CBS 48 hours: live to tell: three days before christmas
  NBC chicago fire: viral (#116)
  FOX following, the: let me go (FOL-107)
  HGTV love it or list it: safety concerned spouse (HLILI-511H)
  BIO my ghost story: caught on camera: #54 (#54/413)
9:30 PM SPIKE TV auction hunters: night of the digging dead (#225)
  SCIENCE oddities: return to holly-odd (#401)
10:00 PM HGTV house hunters: multi family brownstone in brooklyn (HNT-6504H)
  H2 men who built america, the: a new war begins (#101/102)
  SCIENCE oddities: mutant mascot (#402)
  NBC saturday night live: kevin hart / macklemore & ryan lewis (#3815)
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: flying high and sinking deep (#303)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: idealism vs. practicality in roatan, honduras (HHINT-4505H)
  SCIENCE oddities: dummy drama & internal trauma (#403)
  SPIKE TV savage family diggers: mansion money (#206)
11:00 PM FOX hell's kitchen: 14 chefs compete (HK-1005)
11:59 PM FOX 30 seconds to fame: episode 105 (SEC-105)

  [march 2013]