[thursday, march 07, 2013]    
7:45 PM CARTOON annoying orange: dr. strange plum (#07)
8:00 PM COOKING hook, line & dinner: maui (CCSFD-304H)
  HGTV income property: home sweet income property (HINPR-702H)
  ABC shark tank: episode 406 (#406)
  The CW vampire diaries, the: catch me if you can (#2J6661)
8:30 PM NBC parks & recreation: two parties (#510)
9:00 PM The CW beauty and the beast: on thin ice (#110)
  WE braxton family values: a clean break (#02-18)
  ABC grey's anatomy: the end is the beginning is the end (#911)
  NBC office, the: customer loyalty (#9013)
  HGTV rehab addict: unfinished-finished basement (DRHA-208H)
  TLC say yes to the dress: new beginnings (#612)
  ID wives with knives: pills, poison and payback (#105)
9:30 PM HGTV rehab addict: shoebox bathroom (DRHA-301H)
  TLC say yes to the dress: expecting brides (#813)
10:00 PM WE braxton family values: we got you (#02-19)
  HGTV house hunters: swim instructor wants home near beach in narragansett, rhode island (HNT-6813H)
  NGC mudcats: down and dirty: narrow escape
10:01 PM CBS elementary: you do it to yourself (#109)
  NBC law & order: special victims unit: acceptable loss (#1404)
10:02 PM ABC scandal: nobody likes babies (#213)
10:30 PM ID frenemies: loyalty turned lethal: bullied to death (#107)

  [march 2013]