[thursday, march 28, 2013]    
10:00 AM TBS are we there yet?: credit check episode, the (#02/102)
7:30 PM FX fx special: the proposal
7:45 PM CARTOON annoying orange: annoying cutesie (#17)
8:00 PM NBC community: conventions of space and time (#403)
  COOKING hook, line & dinner: colorado (CCSFD-308H)
  HGTV income property: sibling rivalry over a retirement-funding fixer-upper (HINPR-704H)
9:00 PM AMC freakshow: two-headed baby (#103)
  NBC office, the: moving on, part 2 (#9017B)
  PBS pbs special: tavis smiley reports: education under arrest (#301)
  HGTV rehab addict: bugs, birds and bad plumbing (DRHA-303H)
  TLC say yes to the dress: what's my style (#808)
9:30 PM HGTV rehab addict: a mantle to remember (DRHA-304H)
  TLC say yes to the dress: red she said (#815)
10:00 PM CNBC american greed: the wealth builder club (#69/702)
  PBS antiques roadshow: myrtle beach (hour three) (#1709)
  HGTV house hunters: a seattle couple has trouble deciding on a condo or a house in seattle (HNT-6806H)
10:01 PM NBC law & order: special victims unit: vanity's bonfire (#1407)
10:30 PM AMC comic book men: super hoagie (#210)
  DISCOVERY property wars: scott's mini me (#208)
11:30 PM AMC immortalized: the odyssey (#103)

  [march 2013]