[tuesday, august 06, 2013]    
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1:30 PM NICK t.u.f.f puppy: dog house/time waits for no mutt (#203)
7:00 PM PIVOT little mosque: the open house (#103)
7:30 PM PIVOT little mosque: swimming upstream (#104)
8:00 PM OXYGEN bad girls club, the: makin' it to the mansion (#1100)
[one-hour special presentation]
  ESPN espn special: nine for ix - the diplomat
  ABC extreme weight loss: alyssa (#3??-120)
  STYLE giuliana & bill: duking it out (#604)
  DIY holmes makes it right: a case of shingles (DHMIR-101H)
[series premiere]
  COOKING man fire food: cajun cookouts (CCMFF-209H)
  GSN minute to win it: episode 14 (#314)
  PBS pbs special: smarter brains (#SBRN)
  ABC FAMILY pretty little liars: into the deep (#409)
  HGTV property virgins: a fresh start (HPROV-1410H)
  FOX so you think you can dance: top 12 perform, 2 eliminated (DAN-1012)
  WEATHER weather caught on camera: trapped on rooftops (COC301)
[3rd season premiere]
  The CW whose line is it anyway?: wilson bethel (#906)
  ANIMAL PLANET wild arabia: pilot (#100-120)
[two-hour special presentation]
8:30 PM VELOCITY dallas car sharks: rolling the dice (#103)
  HGTV property virgins: a slam dunk? (HPROV-1411H)
  WEATHER weather caught on camera: hawaii hurricane (COC302)
9:00 PM TRAVEL airport 24/7: miami: guns and money (#213)
  NBC america's got talent: episode 814 (live) (#814-120)
  BBCA bang goes the theory: episode twenty eight (#228-40)
  The CW capture: hunger strikes (#102)
  GSN chase, the: episode 1 (#101)
[series premiere]
  USA covert affairs: rock a my soul (#404)
  LIFETIME dance moms: the dancing dead (#326)
  ID deadly devotion: mormon murders (#110)
[1st season finale]
  DISCOVERY discovery special: i escaped jaws
[one-hour special presentation]
  ESPN espn special: 2013 wsop main event - day 3
  SYFY face off: the vets strike back (#500-120)
[two-hour special presentation]
  TRUTV hardcore pawn: the trouble with michael (#715)
  OWN haves and the have nots, the: in recovery (#112)
  STYLE hot listings miami: love, hate & real estate (#101)
[series premiere]
  DIY i hate my bath: starting from scratch (DHMB-404H)
  BRAVO interior therapy with jeff lewis: kid rules (#205)
  HISTORY legend of shelby the swamp man, the: shelby's greatest hits vol. 1 (#100-60)
[one-hour special presentation]
  HGTV power broker: uprooted couple struggle to find home in unfamiliar city (HPOBR-107H)
  TNT rizzoli & isles: all for one (#407)
  COOKING roadtrip with g. garvin: philadelphia (CCGVN-211H)
[2nd season finale]
  A&E storage wars: new york: the forgotten borough (#18/212)
  ABC FAMILY twisted: the truth will out (#109)
  WEATHER weather caught on camera: sailboat survival (COC303)
  TLC who do you think you are?: chelsea handler (#403)
9:30 PM PBS pbs special: love, laugh & eat with john tickell, m.d. (#LLET)
  A&E storage wars: new york: snakes in a locker (#15/209)
  WEATHER weather caught on camera: water rescue (COC304)
[3rd season finale]
9:40 PM BBCA bang goes the theory: episode twenty nine (#229-40)
10:00 PM A&E barter kings: tazed and confused (#21/301-60)
[3rd season premiere]
  MTV catfish: the tv show: mike & kristen (#207)
  GSN chase, the: episode 2 (#102)
  FOOD chopped: walk on the whelk side (#CQ1613H)
  DISCOVERY discovery special: spawn of jaws
[one-hour special presentation]
  LIFETIME double divas: rhythm and boobs (#115)
[1st season summer premiere]
  COMEDY drunk history: san francisco (#105)
  ESPN espn special: 2013 wsop main event - day 3
  ID evil twins: sisters in silence (#209)
[2nd season finale]
  BET game, the: a swan song for rick and tasha (#616)
  HBO hard knocks: training camp with the cincinnati bengals - #1 (#801)
[8th season premiere]
  HGTV house hunters: out of the basement and into the atlanta burbs
  DIY i hate my yard: spanish spinoff (DHMY-113H)
[1st season finale]
  SPIKE TV ink master: elysium challenge (#304)
  HISTORY legend of shelby the swamp man, the: air shelby (#101)
[series premiere]
  MILITARY military special: foreign special ops
[one-hour special presentation]
  TNT perception: neuropositive (#207)
  CNBC profit, the: maarse florists (#102)
  TLC tlc special: sex, lies and zumba
[one-hour special presentation]
  ABC FAMILY vineyard, the: hook ups and let downs (#103)
  VELOCITY what's in the barn?: 12hrs & running (#108)
[1st season finale]
10:01 PM USA suits: conflict of interest (#304)
10:20 PM BBCA bang goes the theory: episode thirty (#230-40)
10:30 PM LIFETIME double divas: ride 'em cowgirl (#116)
  TRUTV hardcore pawn: chicago: russian roulette (#116)
  HGTV house hunters international: put a cork in it! (HHINT-5603H)
  COMEDY jeselnik offensive, the: episode 205 (#205)
  HISTORY legend of shelby the swamp man, the: gator head gamble (#102)
11:00 PM H2 all you can eat: sugar (#113)
  DIY i hate my kitchen: hot & spicy (DHMK-601H)
[6th season premiere]
  MTV2 nick cannon presents: wild 'n out: montana/guy code cast (#505)
  MTV nikki & sara live: episode 2 (#202)
  DISCOVERY shark after dark: sharkmania! (#103)
  SPIKE TV tattoo nightmares: needle phobia! (#212)
  BRAVO watch what happens: live: yvette nicole brown & jason derulo (#10033)
  SHOWTIME web therapy: believe it or not (#303)
11:30 PM MTV2 ain't that america with lil duval: weddings & bromance in america (#105)
  H2 all you can eat: roadkill (#114)
  BRAVO property envy: from connecticut to california‚Ķ (#107)

  [august 2013]